$8 Tiger Arc Mouse Skates Review! Hyperglides are like the Original Air Jordans and Tiger Arc seems to be the "remake" of that. These skates are made from a proprietary PTFE material that provides superior speed and control. I have heard only good things from both. They are slightly harder to find but are one of the best choices if you … ... Tfue Reveals SECRET Gaming Mouse He's Been Using and How He Hid it! Tiger Gaming is quickly gaining a high reputation for their recent Arc line of mouse skates. New Tiger Gaming Rounded Feet sound test vs. Hotline Competition & Stock Tiger Gaming have released rounded edge feet for a variety of mice and some of the more popular mice as well, most notably for the Finalmouse Ultralight / Air58, GPW, Rival and Zowie models. ... Corepad skatez teflon feet glide test [g903 hyperglides mod] - … I'm sure there are minor differences between them and Hyperglides due to the difference in the rounding, but 100% PTFE is 100% PTFE so there shouldn't be any major changes in glide. Only difference is pretty much the price. For me i did not have to think twice should i order 2 sets of Tigers from Aliexpress for 2,5€ for my DA and G400s or buy Hyperglides and pay over 20€ :| I bought Tiger Arc feet for my GPW, Zowie FK/EC lines and G305, and the G305 was the only one that had film.