According to HealthifyMe, Aloe Vera’s extensive nutritional profile includes – Vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids. Learn more about aloin before ingesting raw Aloe Vera. Although aloe vera does a lot for your interior decor, this plant also does a lot for your health. Aloe vera juice is slightly sweet. Aloe Vera juice does have a “unique” taste. Surely, there was some way to make aloe vera juice taste better, or it wouldn’t have been used for centuries. What Do Collard Greens Taste Like? This therapeutic plant also can relieve, treat, and cure various other health problems. The name itself gives out some ideas on its taste. You can eat it raw or include in a variety of recipes like juice, smoothies, and salsas. The answer may be in the name of the plant itself. Thereafter add your honey, sugar or sweetener to taste … And the latex is a yellow color juice that seeps from the leaf when you cut and has a bitter taste. The leaves are pea green color and, in some cases, have white spots. Aloe vera, commonly known as aloe, grows in a wide variety of warm weather climates and soils. The derivation of the name Aloe vera is from the Arabic word ‘Alloeh,’ which means ‘shining bitter substance,’ and ‘Vera’ is a Latin word meaning ‘true.’, Also, the ancient Egyptians consider Aloe Vera as ‘the plant of immortality.’. Yes, I want to receive future promotional emails from AloeCure. Each bottle contains 30 capsules with a minimum of 6000 mg of Aloe Vera from It is a known healing aid for cuts, skin and more. And if you think you still cannot handle the smell and taste of raw aloe gel, then enjoy it by adding it in your drinks and smoothies. ( It grows wild here in Los Angeles. ) As with any supplement, several factors should be considered in your decision making process. ! You can easily mix it in your favorite drinks and smoothies recipes without leaving any trail of aloe vera’s taste. And even if you’ve come to find out that you are not so fond of its taste, we have got you covered. What Do Plantains Taste Like? Many take Aloe Vera for digestion because the succulent plant can have a soothing effect on the... Can you lose weight with Aloe Vera? And all these possess the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. While you have probably decided to try aloe vera juicing to aid your digestive track, don’t disregard your taste buds. Now that you know Aloe Vera offers considerable benefits in its consumption, we should start to incorporate it into our diet more often. SO she said to mix it with something else. Likewise, when you eat raw Aloe vera, it can have a slightly bitter, acrid taste. Most people describe aloe vera juice as being bitter, watery, and almost acidic. The aloins are the part of the plant which cause the green color and bitter taste in most Aloe Vera juices. At Stockton Aloe 1, we do NOT decolorize nor deodorize our aloe. Aloe Vera gel can be applied to face as it has many benefits. The bitter truth is that the original name may have been because raw Aloe Vera has a bitter, acrid taste. Now that the clear fleshy gel is revealed scoop it or scrape out the inside into a bowl and wash it thoroughly. Natto ( fermented tofu) is best served in a stir fry with … Whether you’re chugging an aloe-based drink, or making an, Fortunately, there are several alternatives to eating Aloe Vera raw that are both more convenient and free of any dangerous aloin. Aloe Vera juice is supposed to be good for your stomach and digestion. What Do Persimmons Taste Like? Or are they even safe for consumption? If you happen to be growing your own plants, the age factors into the degree of bitterness. Does Parsley Taste Good? Aloe vera is a real miracle plant.