Description identification ♂ adult ♀ adult. They are one of the most cutest and beautiful creatures native to Africa. Subspecific information 2 subspecies. 5. Diet: Kori bustards are omnivores, but they primarily eat meat. The interesting thing about male Kori Bustard is that they are two times heavier than females. DESCRIPTION: Kori Bustard sizes 120 cm high when head and neck are raised. Kori bustards are known as the heaviest-flighted bird in the world, with males weighing in at upwards of 45 pounds and females weight around 30 pounds when fully grown These large birds are what biologists call “terrestrial”, or primarily ground-dwelling birds. Weight: Males weigh around 30 pounds and females 15 pounds. Kori Bustard (Ardeotis kori) is a species of bird in the Otididae family. A Secretary Bird, while equally as tall, doesn’t entirely fall into the same weight class as a Kori Bustard. Weight: Longevity. 20 years . Kori Bustard (Ardeotis Kori) is the African based bird that belongs to the order Otidiformes from the family of bustards (Otididae). The Great bustard (Otis tarda) and Kori bustard are known for the heaviest flying bird found in … The Kori bustard (Ardeotis kori), is the largest species of bustard native to Africa.It is a member of the Otididae family, which all belong to the order Otidiformes and are restricted in distribution to the Old World.It is one of the four species (ranging from Africa to India to Australia) in the large-bodied Ardeotis genus. While the Great Bustard officially holds the title for the largest flying bird in the world, the Kori Bustard comes extremely close, with a maximum weight of around 42 pounds. The family members of these species will mostly live in dry grasslands and arid savannas. Location: Eastern and Southern Africa. The Great Bustard of Europe and also Central Asia takes 1st spot as the heaviest flighting bird worldwide. With a maximum body weight of 44 lbs, these birds make an impression on ornithologists that have actually located that the Great Bustard can migrating over 2,000 miles. +256-414-532-162 & 256-773-912-891 | Otidiformes Order – Otididae Family. Ardeotis kori kori (Angola to s Mozambique and South Africa) Ardeotis kori struthiunculus (Ethiopia and n Somalia to Uganda and n Tanzania) Great bustard and Kori bustard (up to 18 kg / 40 lb) Great bustard and Kori bustard (comes up with the weight of around to 18 kg / 40 lb), one of the heaviest living bird in the flying animal category. This 4 ft. along amazing creature has a long and wide wingspan that measures up to 9 ft. Ardeotis Kori was derived from the four species in the large-bodied genus Ardeotis. They prefer lizards and other small animals, but they'll also eat insects and berries. BIOMETRICS: Length: 128 cm Wingspan: 122 cm Weight: M: 19 kg. Call Us Today! Reproduction: Generally, one male will mate with several females, though monogamous pairs have been observed in captivity. LONGEVITY: Up to 20 years. Kruger National Park, South Africa – A Kori Bustard is Africa’s largest flying bird and listed as a near threatened species. Kori Bustard (Ardeotis kori) Weight: 24-42 pounds/11-19 kilograms. So you can found these birds […] Kori Bustard is the biggest flying bird with a weight up to 20 kg. Kori Bustard Ardeotis kori. Wingspan: 7.5-9 feet. They can be up to 1.3 metres tall, and the males may be the heaviest living animals capable of flight. Geographic range.