I got along great with my colleagues and didn’t want to leave them hanging or screw them over. I’ve been through all of it, lucky for me I avoided the pitfalls, Learn when and how to rollover a 401(k) Way to do things right. My supervisor was told by his boss to wrongfully write me up and I was physically assaulted among other awful things that happened to me there. If you’ve just lost your job, it means only one thing; You’re Free, Buddy! We’d knock your bloody head off in real, ya dick! Someone was telling prospective employers that they shouldn't hire him. Those at the top of the corporate hierarchy might not think very much about low-level employees, and probably don’t want to think about them once they've been given the boot. Shame on AT&T. Companies don’t like the bad press or court! It is much easier to ruin someone’s life than you think (and anonymously if you’re smart). And FYI they are a baby company of Spectris……I feel sorry for them and that investment. David, you Sir need to wakeup to 2015 tomorrow. Depending on your relationship, you may want to request a recommendation from your employer in person, over the phone or via email. Employers expect attention to detail; a careful candidate makes a careful employee. Decent employee? The Pinnacle Trainers assured that the company would not have to even make the pretense of trying to keep employees as the trainers were regular (although Temp) 9 to 5 employees who trained a new class (even though slots were not even available) like clockwork every few weeks. Conversely, our CEO raked in his myriad bonus/incentive $’s. Your email address will not be published. Pinnacle Technical Resources no longer required technical “experience”for working these advanced level troubleshooting positions. In cases like this it is better to go after the individual than the company because the company can afford more lawyers than you can. “If the employer has given the employee several warnings, given the employee a chance to improve, helped the employee to overcome weaknesses, documented each step along the way – and it still does not work out, the termination comes as less of a surprise, it seems less unjust and arbitrary, and it’s easier for the employee to swallow,” Trachtman said. The ex boss has gone from a Euro car to a Ford. Obviously, I found your post after searching for how to get revenge on a former employer but I am also honestly concerned with how irresponsible they are while running a business that involves renting bounce castles and the like, obstacle coarses, rockwalls and zip lines to anyone that is willing to pay their price. The company lied about everything. Learn how your comment data is processed. Be aware that most lawyers won’t offer this unless they think your case is a slam-dunk and worth crap load of money. “A communication from a lawyer has a greater deterrent effect – it shows that you are serious – and the lawyer will know what can and should be said, and what may come back to bite you,” Trachtman said. 2 0. killintimer. Not an over abundance. Their insurance recently went up substantially due to two claims in recent years. The Ft Worth Police Dept advised Bell a jealous ex was the aggressor and refused to charge me for assault. Want to pay your bills online? On anything they could find. 1. And, I had 6 classes — just about all of them, I was the only one qualified to teach. They also had no “basic” assurance of job security as they were not union so that no matter how hard they worked, how devoted they were to their job, how many hours they put in each day or the quality of work they produced they could be terminated on a whim by the sole discretion of a manager. Then you might be able to hold onto a job! It appears you lack a true definition of an education and would explain many aspects of your predicament. HBM Americas ….. enough said. As an employer in the South, especially Texas, the playing field is skewed. ?????????? I would focus more on education and less of the acceptability of illegal drugs. This method is very effective after piguin and panda updates. will be benefited from this site. There must be something we can do to keep from refunding her money.” As instructors, we were encouraged to add participation grades, etc., for situations like this for “retention efforts.” Whenever I brought up concern to Career Services or our Regional Director, I was told that I “care too much about the students and not enough about the numbers” and if I kept complaining, I would be “left behind.”. The employee filed civil and it was found w/o warrant and dropped. Your old employer cannot refuse issuing one (Art. And Trachtman says that it’s important that those in charge should keep extensive documentation of workplace issues and performance deficiencies. ? Best way to see if your case is any good is to tell the lawyer you can only proceed on a % base and offer maybe 500-1000 up front retainer a really good lawyer isn’t going to take a shit case! Wish I knew where bossmann worked, even if I didn’t work for him I would screw with his company. Oh, and *whining. Even though it would have been very satisfying to take my former company to court I had to weigh that against: When asking for the letter, politely explain why you chose them for the request. First thing’s first – how to use your knowledge to get what you want, and to make sure that you deliver as hard a punch as possible. AT&T managed to do this by employing some extremely ruthless cost cutting measures. Shame on their unethical manager Kimberly Wolfram/Mark Helm/Mike Smith and the worst abuser of them all (with AT&T’s permission of course) Pinnacle Technical Resources. You can be fired if your manager doesn’t like your hair. FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS. I successfully closed the subsidiary on behalf of the company and in record time but the other 2 subsidiaries have yet to be closed. ???? If an employee is causing real harm to the company, have your lawyer write a cease-and-desist letter. 95% of wrongful dismissal or constructive dismissal cases are settled outside of court. Mark Helm, the sneakiest and most abusive manager in my opinion of them all, was promoted by of all, Kimberly Wolfram, who turned out to be his partner in crime. My story. 22 LSL); if they do it is a criminal offense punishable by - don't laugh - a fine not exceeding 5,000 ¥. I lost a LOT of trust in American Corporations when I saw that happen. big). I was approved for my unemployment. This listing is based on my experiences working for AT&T through Pinnacle and is my opinion which I’m entitled to by law. I would have had to have paid more legal fees and I would have had to have traveled out of state. I would like to tell my employment story to a newspaper in the city where my employer lives. They have shown they are willing to screw labor laws and fuck their employees and ship good American jobs overseas while bringing back crappy, underpaying ones (the ones they do bring back for media attention) and they don’t care about us or you. If you had a pulse you would be hired. No! I just hope someone from your agency is able to go in and fix the problem, because as long as they are collecting these peoples’ money, they do not care. I felt that they were trying to get me to quit, and I decided I would not, because they would win, so I drew strength from my family and friends and went to work everyday with a smile. One of my classes – Medical Computer Applications – is a specialty class that Delta requires several classes before you can teach. Unfortunately, most small businesses have rules that are only known to... 3. I think it’s terrible that you encourage this kind of crap. That’s some powerful stuff right there. She said it was not against any policy for the company, however, I may want to change the way I interact students because now students were coming to me with personal issues and it can become overwhelming. When my husband was deployed for seven months to Afghanistan last year, I went to the Director of Education about my schedule (they had me working from 8am-10:30 pm) and she said that she “didn’t know what to tell me.” I had to have my mother move in with me to help take care of my children because they refused to help me. Americans WAKE UP! Ideally, employees are recognized for their efforts and their managers will keep track of their... 2. The DOA stated to the DOE that they had not gotten her GED and because of that, if she did not pass, they would have to refund her money. ??? Sue Their Asses Off. No! Tough specialty, masochistic personna to choose the field I’d imagine. But it’s the only way you can help an under-performing employee improve — and understand that their role in the company is vulnerable. I did not know any of this had occurred until after he was hired and then fired at the end of his externship. ??? The good, ol fashioned AT&T jobs where people could once raise families on and send kids to college are becoming a thing of the past. “They don’t get their money until they sign on the dotted line.”. Most unethical business practices I ever experienced. I was on the job for one week and one day. If they were going to fire someone, it seems like they would have been somewhat prepared. Left as a valued, exemplary employee, victim of zero tolerance. Why Your Claim May be Contested Each state sets a requirement for the time a job must be … AshleyMadison's best hope: erasing its name and starting over.