I make apple pie filling with fresh apples to produce a flavor that canned pie filling cannot compete against. Roll out the shortcrust pastry on a floured surface and line a ; Mini apple crumble pies - make half of the recipe as described and bake it in muffin pans. Most apple crumbles we’ve had in the past (or apple crisp depending on where you are in the world), are either too dry on the inside, OR too watery creating a super soggy crumb topping instead of a CRISPY topping. If you love apple pie, you should try my Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars, they are super easy to make and outrageously delicious! Remove the pie’s top crust and scoop out the filling. The filling is rich and thick, and making a crumble pie crust easily infuses the dessert with texture and taste. A combination of two of the best apple desserts - apple pie and apple crumble. Top filling with the crumble topping. Cover the pie with the second rolled out dough. Now let me be clear: this recipe is not sweet and syrupy apple pie filling with a … This apple crumple pie has the most delicious juicy apple pie filling busting with flavor topped with a crisp, flavorful crumble all in a perfect flaky butter crust. My apple pie filling recipe can be used for pie, muffins, and even turnovers! I wanted to share something a little different that still embodies everything I love about traditional apple pie. The Best Apple Crumble Pie Recipe. The kids have officially started school again and the littles are headed into preschool. Today’s apple crumble pie: √ Has a buttery, flaky crust. It is so simple and easy to make and is a crowd favorite! Once the bottom crust cooks –and cools– reinsert the filling. What's not to like?? This homemade apple pie filling is sweet, tart, and warm all the same time. Delicious British apples, which are at their best in the autumn and winter, are the core of this dish.We love Bramley apples, considered the best apples for cooking because of their balance between sugar and acid, but other apples like Jonagold, Pink Lady, Mutsu, or … In fact, the last time I made it was four years ago. Apple Crumble Recipe with Custard is a classic autumn dessert except with a sweet vanilla custard added to the apples before baking. Then, everyone would be gobbling up YOUR apple pie and exclaiming, “YOU ARE A GENIUS” and “THIS IS DELICIOUS”!Making you feel every bit the kitchen rock star that I know you are! This perfect fall dessert is low stress, high reward, and guaranteed to disappear in a flash. Apple crumbles are the easiest dessert in the world. Plus, the buttery crumble topping is out of this world. Apple crumb pie is not only yummy, it has the easiest pie crust you’ll ever make. ; Top it with homemade caramel - here is a great tutorial on how to make caramel from scratch. Seal edges with a fork or with your fingers. With all the wonderful apples in the season, there is no way I'd miss an opportunity to make my apple pie crumble bars. Trim any overhang or excess dough. Anyone can do it! I like to use a mix of red Gala and green Granny Smith apples. ; Simultaneously heat the pie filling on the stove (over a low simmer) until the juice reduces. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018445-whiskey-apple-crumble-pie I used my easy pie crust recipe for the bottom and a maple-sugar sweetened, warmly spiced apple filling. Apple pie knows no seasons and that is exactly why I don’t wait around for Fall every year to enjoy it. If you are looking for an easy apple pie recipe that’s sure to impress, then you need to try this Apple Pie with Crumble … Fill with the cooled apple pie filling and dot with the remaining 1 tablespoon butter cut into small cubes. But, let’s please get back to this glorious apple crumble pie! This delicious apple pie is great on it’s own but even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Replace the top crust with a crumble topping. Learning how to make the best apple pie filling is a no-brainer; the biggest obstacle is learning what the best apples for pie are. Apple crumble pie is quickly becoming one of my favorite apple pie recipes. This week, was my mom-in-law's second death anniversary. Fill the pie crust with the apple mixture and sprinkle evenly with the crumble topping. Bake for 30 minutes and then lightly cover with foil and rotate the pan in the oven. How to make the crumble topping: Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until a crumble consistency is achieved. This Dorie Greenspan Apple Crisp Recipe has an ice cream like sauce coating every sweet apple nugget!. With the motor running, pour in the egg and 1-2 tbsp water and whizz until a dough starts to form, adding a splash more … And my father-in-law asked me to make a simple cake for the guests. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/apple-crumble-pie APPLE CRUMBLE OR APPLE CRISP. Apple Crumble Pie with Rye Crust - a toasty rye pie crust is filled with apple filling and topped with an oaty crumble that is baked until perfectly golden. Transfer filling including its juice into the pie crust with the apple slices nicely stacked on top of each other. Variations. This easy apple crumble pie has all the gloriousness of classic apple pie with the added gift of a buttery, streusely, crumbly topping that is so yummy, you’ll cry. A delicious twist on the classic apple pie. There’s no cake to frost, no finicky dough to deal with; just throw some fruit into a buttered dish and bake until perfectly golden and bubbly. Let cool. It’s a lot easier than you might think! Classic Bars with Apple Pie Filling and Crumble Topping, Apple Crumb Bars, It's mid-October and the weather is still fairly warm during the day with the nice cool winter breeze in the evenings. I could not think of anything better than this apple pie cake, which was her favorite. This is a great dessert to follow up a holiday dinner or to make whenever you get a craving for something sweet. Apple Pie Cake with Apple Pie Filling and Crumble Topping . If you know me at all, you know I’m a little opinionated about You absolutely can play out that very scene by following these simple and easy instructions for how to make a apple pie with apple pie filling because it is, in fact, easy as pie! Spread over pie. Sugar and brown sugar – Using both sugar and brown sugar gives the filling a more robust flavor than white sugar alone. Transfer dough to a 9-inch pie pan. How to Make Paleo Pie Crust. Method. This Dutch Apple Pie recipe is guaranteed to become one of your favorite desserts! Bake 15 to 20 more minutes or until the apples are tender and the crust is golden brown. ; Put the pie back in the oven (bottom rack) and allow the bottom crust to cook all the way through. APPLE CRUMB PIE. Dutch Apple Pie also known as Apple Crumble Pie, has a homemade flaky crust, a delicious cinnamon apple pie filling and the most amazing buttery sweet streusel topping! If your main goal in life is to have random, paint-splattered, unknown dudes give you a heartfelt, and dare I say, tearful, hug over pie, you might want to consider making this apple crumble pie. Place pie onto a large baking tray lined with baking paper and bake for 15 mins with no foil, 25 mins with the pie covered loosely with foil. Make a few slits at the top to let the steam escape. Instead of all-purpose wheat … Crumble topping with oats - you can add ¾ cup (75g) old-fashioned rolled oats to the topping or use the crumb topping from my strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe. For the pastry, whizz the flour, sugar, a pinch of salt and the butter in a food processor until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. The crumble topping adds great texture to this apple pie and the citrus zest adds amazing flavour. It may sound like a few steps, but this keto apple pie crumble is super quick to make and always a crowd pleaser!