Ask the other person to name a time when it would be convenient to meet. How you handle conflict is what the interviewer would like to know. Most jobs require working with other people, and differences in personalities, perspectives and opinions may lead to conflict. How you handle that conflict determines whether it works to the team's advantage, or contributes to its demise. Pretending that nothing is wrong isn’t the way to handle a conflict. But if you want to answer in a general way, try to think of an answer that will work for all types of conflict. Recruiters: Post a Job! It doesn't ask if you are the one with the conflict, if it is a conflict with another person, if it is a conflict of schedule, or if it is a conflict with changes at work. Learn about some practical strategies you can use to handle conflict in the workplace. If you see someone doing something clearly wrong at work, would you confront that person or ignore it? Getting to know your style can help in a few ways. The interviewer wants to know how you react to conflict and how you manage it. 1. Sharon: I guess it depends on the situation, but in general I like to stay calm and avoid yelling or fighting. Let's say that Marketing wants the product to launch in March. Or alluding to the fact that you often appreciate the “avoiding” conflict management strategy. This is what we’re going to talk about today. The idea is to find out about your ability to handle conflict–conflict with coworkers, conflict with supervisors, how you handle conflict in general–and the range of your interpersonal skills in the workplace. If you want, you can ask a question to clarify. Bringing the best, highest paying job offers near you. Acknowledge the conflict. They face it directly and are willing to enter into difficult and sensitive conversations when others want to flee and avoid. Do you handle conflict well? You could also offer a scenario where you mediated an issue between two coworkers. Will you add to the melee or can you step back and remain levelheaded? As a result, they may handle conflict differently. They may be more expressive with how they feel about the conflict, and not so forgiving. Here are a few other questions that are similar to, “How do you handle conflict?” Tell me about a time you disagreed with someone and how you resolved it. Problems arise only when conflict is intense, ongoing, hurtful, or unresolved. This gives people the opportunity to interact regardless of culture (Wang, 2018). Talk with the other person. That is why it’s important to practice! Focus on behavior and events, not on personalities. 2. 1. Try to focus your job interview answer on the behavioral process that you use to resolve the conflict. How do you handle conflict? We know that even in very good relationships, there are conflicts and ‘discussions‘ at various times. How do you handle conflict at work? The interviewer is looking to hear about your ability to communicate with your team and professionally handle issues when they arise. Managing conflict can be a tricky thing – especially when you are not familiar with the larger ecosystem in which the particular individual or department creating the conflict … How Do You Handle Conflict in the Workplace: 4 Styles. Stay away from persuading the interviewer to agree with you. When answering this question, be honest about how you handle these situations. is one of such behavioral questions. Do you handle conflict well? In other words: “How do you handle conflict?” Interviewers love to ask about how you handle conflict, and they ask about it in many ways. The best way to resolve or handle cultural conflict is by learning about other cultures. Do you ever get into arguments with others? Resolving conflict requires you to do things that feel unnatural. You can choose to ignore it, complain about it, blame someone for it, or try to deal with it through hints and suggestions; or you can be direct, clarify what is going on, and attempt to reach a resolution through common techniques like negotiation or compromise. Finally, never respond to the question, "How do you handle conflict?" If you could brush up or use some new conflict management skills, here are 6 steps for you to practice and follow. In fact, one possible outcome of the situation might be that you came around to see things from your boss’s point of view. Think of an example where you worked closely with your team to resolve a conflict. Acknowledge the conflict and the roles you and the other person have played in creating or sustaining the problem. Do not allow this question to catch you by surprise. Instead of Fighting, turn into it. with anything that resembles physical intimidation or verbal abuse. This quiz will give you insight into your personality to reveal how you personally handle the conflicts you face. Conflict is natural in a group setting, and, if it’s managed effectively, it can even be healthy for the group.If you find yourself embroiled in a group conflict, don’t panic. Stop, breath, and think. You’re trying to show them how well you handled the conflict. Workplace conflicts are going to happen; from the maintenance worker to the CEO no one is exempt from workplace conflict on some level. How do managers generally deal with conflict between two employees? How Do You Handle Conflict at Work? When you’re working with a group of other people, conflicts are bound to arise from time to time. #Allow for the Dust to Settle. But to do that you have to take the ego out, be willing to have a true dialogue and avoid the fight aspects of conflict while embracing the debate aspects of it." I think if two people have a disagreement, then first they should spend some time apart. How Do You Handle Conflict? #Allow for the Dust to Settle. However, you shouldn’t wait for too long either. So, the question is not whether we’ll experience conflict but rather how we’ll handle it. By Caitlin Flynn. Never try to handle a conflict when you and the other person are still angry. Be honest with yourself about your own role in the situation. Stop whatever you’re doing, take a couple of deep breaths to control your tension, and then think about exactly what you need to do and say next. Don't direct your answer at how difficult you boss or co-workers are and how hard it is to work with them. How To Handle A Conflict With A Coworker. Employers need to know whether you can get along well with others. What You Shouldn’t Answer With When Asked: “How Do You Handle Conflict?” A bad answer to this interview question is alluding to the fact that you don’t know what steps you’d take to confront a coworker in a polite and professional manner. Acknowledge the conflict. One way is that it identifies your strengths and challenges so that you can improve in necessary areas. There was once a time when people thought that if couples or coworkers argued, there was something wrong with their relationship. It's hard to avoid some types of conflict at work. Granted, the CEO will likely get his or her way faster than some due to fear or worry, but still conflicts must be addressed. This question is not an opportunity to start venting about your current workplace or a co-worker.